Berry Pickin’


Scottie’s outfit was a gift from my aunt and it was perfect for berry picking!  She got a matching one for LoLo. So cute.

Scottie’s Boots

Scottie’s Hat was a $3 find at the target dollar spot! It’s not available online.

We went strawberry picking this morning with my bestie and her son. She’s due with a baby girl next month and they recently moved back to Florida. It makes my heart so happy that we get to raise our children near each other. The girls will both be in the same grade as her kids, which is so neat. We’re just missing our other bestie, but luckily she’s a flight attendant and gets to visit us a lot.

The strawberries were only 50 cents per quart picked. Scotland had a blast carrying them around in her basket and didn’t wanna leave when it was time to go. I wore Shiloh in my Wildbird ring sling. It was a beautiful, breezy spring day but I’m thinking we don’t have many of those left. Summer is just around the corner!

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