Why I Chose Unmedicated Birth and How I Achieved It


Unmedicated birth, natural birth, drug-free birth; whatever you want to call it … I’M OBSESSED. I, of course think all birth is beautiful. Bringing a sweet new soul to the earth is an amazing thing no matter how they get here. However,  if you’re interested in hearing about my take on unmedicated birth, I’m just a tad bit passionate about it. 😝

I became really interested in unmedicated birth before I was even pregnant with Scotland but I became obsessed after having her. I couldn’t get enough of it. I started reading books, watching movies, listening to podcasts, following bloggers, talking to fellow mamas on FB groups and Instagram.

I’ve been asked about why I chose unmedicated birth by a lot of people. Some think I’m crazy, some are just as passionate about it and some are just curious. I’ve been wanting to write this post for quite some time so that I had one spot with all my references.

When I was in high school I remember having a conversation with my mom. I told her that when I had a baby one day I wanted an elected c-section so that I didn’t have to push a baby outta my whoohah and that I would never ever breastfeed because I thought it was weird. Well,  both of those things couldn’t be more far from how I feel now.

About four years ago I had a client (when I did hair) recommend the documentary,  “The Business of Being Born.”   I had already started contemplating the thought of unmedicated birth for my future babies before I watched it but it sealed the deal after watching.

I’m the kind of person that researches obsessively. When I decided unmedicated birth was the way I wanted to go, before becoming pregnant I started researching midwives that work at the hospital where I wanted to one day deliver.  I found a practice and contacted them once I got my positive pregnancy test. I put all my extra time into researching it.

My tips on achieving an unmedicated birth:

First and foremost … find your “WHY.”   Why do you want an unmedicated birth? For me, my main goal was to bring my baby into this world as safely as possible. Adding in unnecessary medications and procedures were not the safest ways.

Second, learn to breathe and cope with the pain. There is sooo so so much information out there. There are so many kinds of birthing classes you can take online or in person. I did most of my research and practicing from what I read in books and online. In hypnobirthing they teach a method of breathing where you imagine yourself opening up to let the baby out instead of resisting and trying to keep the baby in. That was super helpful for me, especially with my second birth.

Third, find a healthcare provider that is supportive of unmedicated birth. Whether its an OBGYN, a CNM (hospital midwife) a birth center, or a home birth midwife. Make sure they know your goals and desires. Ask them questions and discuss scenarios. You are hiring them to deliver a human! You’re allowed to ask if they’re supportive of the way you want to do it.

That leads me to the last tip I have … find a good support system.  You know the saying, “it takes a village to raise a child?”  I think it’s true for childbirth, too. I wanted to hire a doula during my first pregnancy but didn’t wanna fork out all the $$$ so my sweet mama bought a book on Amazon (The Birth Partner) and learned a lot about birth so she could essentially be my doula. I talked to Jordan constantly about what I wanted him to do during labor and delivery. Having both of them know my goals really helped. If you don’t have a very strong support system then look into hiring a doula. Every single person I’ve ever talked to that has had doulas have had nothing but positive experiences.

When people hear you’re planning an unmedicated birth you will hear all sorts of opinions and stories. I had a family member tell me it was literally impossible to have an unmedicated birth and that no one does it anymore … hahahaha. People honestly mean well and they want to tell you their experiences and what worked for them but if those experiences don’t line up with your vision/goals it’a okay to tell them that. It’s your baby and your birth. Of course birth is unpredictable and things happen.  We are so lucky to live in a time where we have medical interventions possible when they’re needed, but for the most part birth is best when left alone. Our bodies have been doing this for thousands of years and are capable.



Resources I used

The Birth Hour // Podcast (I listened to hundreds of birth stories)

The business of Being Born // Documentary

Natural Hospital Birth // Book

Ina May’s Guide to Childbrith // Book

The Birth Partner  // Book


I also took these supplements for both pregnancies (I followed the instructions on the bottle) Birth Prep

I drank LOTS of these two teas. I drank the Red Raspberry leaf tea my whole pregnancy as well as Third Trimester Tea everyday after 28 weeks.

Make sure you ask your healthcare provider before taking anything, of course!

I’m so happy to share this with y’all and if you have any more questions feel free to message me!



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