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Shiloh’s Bonnet // Gown

It’s been a whole month of being Shiloh’s mama.  I can’t believe how fast time has flown by.  Scottie is the best big sister to “her baby.”   I can’t believe I’m a mama to TWO girls. I’m seriously just now getting used to the fact that she’s a girl😂.  I totally thought she was going to be a boy.  It was the best surprise ever. It’s been so fun seeing her in all of Scotland’s clothes from when she was a newborn.

Our days have been filled with lots of skin to skin cuddles, naps and taking pictures of her round the clock because I can’t get enough of her.

Shiloh has been a pretty dang good sleeper since bringing her home and nurses like a champ, which has been great. She’s already ten and a half pounds😮. Our only struggle with her so far has been her excessive amount of spitting up and tummy troubles which brings me to our next topic…. I think she may sensitive to dairy.

I was a total vegetarian from age 12-18.  I started eating seafood and occasionally pork at 18 but I still don’t eat any other meat. I am just not a fan and it really hurts my stomach; that being said, I have cut out dairy starting this week and have basically become a vegan overnight.  Since I’m breastfeeding Shi I decided to cut out dairy to see if that helps her tummy problems. I didn’t realize just how much dairy I eat until now.

I started following a few bloggers on Instagram that eat plant based diets and are nursing babies for some guidance. The tricky part is making sure I get enough calories to keep my milk supply up so I can keep nursing Shiloh. I’d love any tips, tricks, or references if y’all have any as well. I’ll keep y’all posted on if cutting dairy from my diet helps her.



  1. She is beautiful Caitlyn. Congratulations! I have someone that might be a big help to you in your diet and nursing. She’s awesome. Check out: mama_of_ru on Instagram and/or Kalli Chason on Facebook.

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