November Bumpdate


My Dress is Ingrid & Isabel. They have such beautiful maternity pieces. I’m planning on wearing this dress to Jordan’s work Christmas party.

About one month ’til I’m due with this baby and I can’t believe it! Last week I was having some intense right side pain and I have a history of elevated liver enzymes so my midwife had me head over to labor and delivery to get everything checked out. Baby was perfect and my levels were all normal (minus low platelets which I had while pregnant with Scotland).

While I was there they checked to see if I have dilated at all which I have … so crazy to me since I’m not even 35 weeks yet. Baby could basically come any day and we’re currently living at my parents while our house is being renovated. We are hoping to be able to move back in this weekend… but we shall see 😂

I’m swelling up a lot on days that are warmer and I’m definitely feelin’ pretty big. The last month of pregnancy is pretty rough.

Scotland is as active as ever and by the end of the day I feel like I ran a marathon just from taking care of her 😆 It’s been nice to have the extra help from my parents and little siblings while living with them.

Who knows?  This could be my last bump update for this pregnancy … but stay tuned for a house renovation post! I can’t wait to share the details with y’all.


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