September Bumpdate


Outfit Details

Dress// Shoes// Diaper Bag 

(Fav shoes this season; I’ve been wearing them just about everyday) less expensive version here

My dress is Isabella Oliver  I have one of their dresses from my previous pregnancy so I was so excited to get this one as well. Their clothes are sooo nice and perfect for pregnancy and postpartum. I would recommend them to any mama looking for high quality maternity pieces. You can use the code CEM20 for 20% off for the next month!


Three months or less until baby is here and I can’t even believe it. This pregnancy has flown by. Baby has been breech the last few appointments and it’s felt so different than my pregnancy with Scotland. I feel the kicks a lot lower this time (makes sense 😂).  I felt like S was always up in my ribs and I haven’t had that feeling at all this time.

I’m not sure how much weight I’ve gained. Last time I gained waaaay more than I wanted. I started out this pregnancy obsessing over not wanting to gain very much but I think I was worrying about it too much. I’ve tried to just eat as clean as possible, to nourish the baby and myself and to allow treats here and there. I’m striving to not drive myself nuts about gaining or not gaining a certain number. I’m definitely not one of those people with crazy good genetics that looks like they didn’t even give birth 3 days after having a baby and I’m learning to be ok with that 😂 I bought Fitness Carli’s meals plans and I’ve been using them for reference, and I’m trying to stay active and keep working out. It gets harder each week 😝

I have my gestational diabetes test this upcoming week and I am hopin’ I pass it the first time so I don’t have to do the dreaded 3 hour one again. That test is awful!

Baby names are completely undecided. I still totally think baby is a boy but Jordan said his guess is a girl. I will be completely SHOCKED if it’s a girl.

I haven’t had many weird cravings, although I have been loving to have a glass of grapefruit juice each morning which I don’t normally do.



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