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Shirt // Jeans // Shoes (old, similar here and here)

I loooove love love PinkBlush for maternity clothes. I wore a few of their items throughout my pregnancy with S and I have been wearing them this go ’round, too.

I had to have these jeans when I saw them. I’m a huge fan of distressed jeans and I can’t fit in my regular ones currently (even the rubber band trick around the button doesn’t cut it anymore) so when I found these I was so happy. I may or may not have worn them 3 times last week! I also grabbed this v-neck cause my non-maternity ones are belly shirts and I found myself looking for one to wear a few times. Such perfect pieces to throw on and go, but still feel cute.

Here are a few random things from my life lately.

  • Scotland sleeps like a champ now … anywhere from 11-13 hours at night with one nap during the day. I feel like a new person now that I’m actually sleeping.
  • We leave on our little family baby moon at the end of the month and I’M SO EXCITED! I can’t wait to just getaway for little bit with J and S. North Carolina is my happy place.
  • Baby Mac #2 is a little wiggle worm. My favorite part of being pregnant is for sure feeling the movements and little jabs. It makes me take the time to appreciate my body; growing a human is the craziest thing and I feel so lucky to be able to do it.
  • J and I are huge on binge watching shows together. At the end of the night after S is in bed we crawl/collapse in bed and watch whatever we are currently watching, which right now is Survivor.  We’ve watched 6 seasons!
  • We’re in the process of building a chicken coop! We’ve wanted to build one since buying our house (3.5 years ago 😮) I’m sooo stoked to have fresh eggs daily!
  • Jordan has been taking Brazilian Jui Jitsu since May and is soooo dedicated to it. I think it helps him so much having a hobby and meeting people with similar interests. Once I’m done growing this baby I can’t wait to get back into a fitness routine again. Breaking my shoulder threw a wrench in that. 🙄
  • My mama and I are going to Nashville next month and I can’t wait to have a short girl’s trip with her.
  • Kerastase (my favvvvv hair product line ever) is now available at Sephora!!!

Thanks for stoppin’ by and I hope y’all have the best week!


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