Lash Lovin’


As most of y’all know, I went to cosmetology school after I graduated high school. I’ve worked as a hairstylist since then (until March when I broke my shoulder and decided to be a stay at home mama).

When I was in cosmo school I took a certification on lash extensions and fell inlooooove with the idea of having beautiful lashes all the time. Since then lash extensions have become all the rage. I’ve gone through times where I’ve had them, and times I’ve gone without and I’m telling y’all I realllllly miss them when I don’t have them. I mean waking up with perfect lashes… what’s not to looove?!

I’m not one for wearing a face full of makeup at all times: most days I throw on some tinted moisturizer, lip color and mascara and call it good. Once I discovered the beauty of lash extension it cut down “getting ready” time even more.

There are a few things that you should keep in mind when getting lashes. Make sure you go to a certified professional! I mean, you’re dealing with your lashes… you don’t want someone messing them up. Your lash tech will teach you the maintenance and upkeep instructions.

I have been using my same lash girl, Rachael,  since moving back to Florida.

If you are local to the Tampa area, she is the best of the best! I get mine done more dramatic than most. I already have long dark lashes and I just love the look of long curly lashes (my little sister calls them llama lashes hahah).  If you want a more natural look Rachael can totally do that as well.

She just started at a brand new location that I absolutely love. It’s called Mira Med Spa and it’s located above The Green Boutique in Valrico! She fills up with clients pretty quickly so if you want a consult or to book an appointment, text her ASAP! (Rachael’s number is 863.325.6967) Here is a link to her lash Insta so you can check out more of her work.

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