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Scotland’s DressΒ /Scotland’s Bow\ /Scotland’s Shoes

I’m just as shocked as y’all are πŸ˜‰ Baby #2 is coming this December!

I found out in early April and I was SHOCKED. I took a test just because (I would take them all the time, cause I was always paranoid I was pregnant πŸ˜‚) I was actually on birth control but we think there was a little glitch with it because I had a minor procedure where I needed antibiotics, and apparently antibiotics weaken birth control 😝

When I found out, my shoulder was still VERY broken. Β I had no idea I was pregnant at the beginning of my whole shoulder deal, and I had 5 sets of X-rays along with lots of pain meds but baby must be a strong little one because it toughed it out with me!

Okkkkay, here are all the details I know you’re reading this for πŸ˜‰

I’m due mid-December (right around Scotland’s birthday!) My due date has changed a few times, ranging from December 4th to December 26th. I have another scan on Friday so I’m anxious to see how far along I’m measuring then.

We won’t be finding out the gender until birth like we did with Scotland! It was such an awesome experience last time that we are so excited for it again. We all think this one is a boy …. time will tell!

I’ve been reallllllly sick for the past couple months. This little babe has made me more nauseous than I was with S. Hoping it goes away soon now that I’m coming out of the first trimester! Taking care of a toddler while trying to not throw up all day is quite the task. I’m lucky to live by my mama who helps so much during the day, and then when J gets home he takes over.

We’re soooo so excited for this sweet baby to join our family, and to see Scottie become a big sister. Get ready for some more blog bump updates!



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