A little life update

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Lorena Canal Rug

Y’all, this rug is my favorite! It’s so multifunctional. It’s perfect to use as a play mat or picnic surface because it’s washable, and it fits into our washer and dryer. We have three dogs (I know… we’re crazy) so keeping rugs and floors clean is nearly impossible. It’s so nice being able to just throw this rug in the washer!  They have soooo many cute prints and different shapes and sizes. I’ll probably bring it into Scottie’s room when we turn it into a big girl room. Their rugs are made in India with all natural dyes, and some of the proceeds go to providing schooling for children in India. All of the designs are so pretty.

It’s pure craziness as always here at the McDonald home. I broke my shoulder last month by saving Scotland from running off of our VERY high bed. I snapped the whole top of my humorous off… yeah not fun. That resulted in me being completely outta work and I had to stop nursing S right away. I’ve had to sleep on the couch (the only way I can sleep comfortably) and Jordan has finally gotten Scottie to sleep through the night about 75% of the time so yaaaay for that! (Also, check out Scotland’s busted up lip, courtesy of her smacking her face on the headboard of our bed at 4 a.m.)

I’m hoping my shoulder heals a bit faster than predicted by the doctor. They told me anywhere from 6 months to a year for full recovery. 

I’m headed to Oklahoma next week then we leave for Utah the following week. We will be traveling out west for about 10 days. We’re headed to Yellowstone, which I’m real excited about because I’ve never been!

We are bracing ourselves for Florida summer which is comin’ whether were ready or not! We’re hoping to finish  our backyard by fencing it so we can spend some more time outdoors in the evening. We have our pool deck done now and we’re excited to get some use out of it this summer. 

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  1. You look wonderful and we are hoping your shoulder heals real soon. Scottie looks like one of the happiest babies I have ever seen! She has THE cutest smile ever and it’s evident she sure loves her mommy. Have a wonderful time on your trips. You will love Yellowstone! It is one of our favorite places. (just be very careful walking around the HOT pools! There are sidewalks but my suggestion is just see them from a distance. They have had quite a few very ugly accidents there, some resulting in death!) We love you so very much and hope to see you in the not so distant future!

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