Just Mamahood at Sunken Gardens



I’ve been thinkin’ about bringing on a couple different “segments” on the blog where I do different “editions”… This first one I wanna do every so often is all about mom style. What does/doesn’t work for me, comparable items, and then tell y’all a little life update and add in a few little bloopers from my motherhood journey 😂 I can’t even type the word journey without feeling’ so cheesy 😂

So here goes the first edition of Just Mamahood!

My mom got a Groupon for a year pass for Sunken Gardens a couple months back and we decided to finally put it to use today. If you’re a Tampa local you should totally go. It’s sooo beautiful and just right in the middle of St Pete. Also, it’s right next door to a Carrabba’s so ya can’t beat that. Fun Fact: When they opened the gardens publicly (in 1935 they charged 25 cents admission 😮)

Okay here’s my mamahood real life update…. ya ready? Scotland is 14 months old and totally still sleeps in our room with us. Yep… I know we crazyyyyy BUT it works for us. I really do wanna get her in her own room it just hasn’t worked out for us yet. Honestly,  I get more sleep when she’s with us vs having to go across the house a billion times in the middle of the night so that’s why. I won’t get in this predicament whenever baby McDonald #2 comes… I plan to move it in its room muchhhhh earlier, but ya know ya live and learn hahah!

Speaking of baby number 2.. That isn’t happening for a bit. I know everyone always wants to know when/if we’ve talked about having another. We do want one or two more babies BUT we aren’t ready yet. We love being parents but we kinda wanna soak up this time with just Scotland and travel a bit more before we even think about another one.

I’m still breastfeeding Scottie although it’s definitely not a lot anymore; just morning and night and sometimes for nap time to get her to sleep. I’m super proud/happy that we made it her whole first year breastfeeding. It was a goal I had when I was pregnant. It was defintely tough in the beginning but so worth it..

Scottie girl has more personality than I ever woulda imagined. She knows what she wants and how to voice it. She’s spoiled as can be but such a lover. She is obsessed and I mean OBSESSED with Moana. The music, movie, everything. It’s adorable. She gives the sweetest hugs and sometimes kisses if we’re lucky. She runs our household for sure and knows it. We sure love our tall, big-footed, identical-to-her-daddy, blue-eyed girl.

Soooo let’s talk mom style. If I’m being completely honest,  I’m in athleisure wear about 50% of the time because first of all it’s so cute. Second, the mentality of it: If I have on gym clothes maybe I’ll get to go at some point. And third, it’s easy to chase S around wherever she scurries off to.

On days that gym clothes don’t win, I’m either in a loose comfy dress or jeans with a top and comfy shoes.

I’ve had these shoes about a year now. They’re perfect for everyday wear and not too casual. I also saw these at Target recently. They’re basically the slip on version. Soooo cute and so practical. /// I’ve had this button up shirt for a few years. It’s lightweight (necessary for Florida) and here is a similar one from Old Navy. /// These jeans have been my go to the last 6 months. They’re flattering, stretchy and comfy; perfect for following S around all day. I looove love love ’em. /// I am a hat addict. I wear a hat about 5 days a week. Mostly cause I love them but also because I like to push washing my hair as long as I can. There ya go.  The secret is out.  When we were getting Scotland a pair of shoes at Finish Line the other day I saw this hat and I wanted it so badly. It was $28 and I didn’t wanna spend that so I passed it up. Then yesterday I was at Marshall’s and found the same hat for $12. I was sooo stoked. I will be wearing this one alll the time so be ready to see it a ton! (I found it for $20 here) /// My Ryla Pack Backpack is heavenly. I’ve told y’all before but it’s truly the besttttt. It keeps me sooo organized and I really need that.  (You can use the code CAITLYN20 for 20% off!)




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