The DockATot Obsession

Dockatot // DockATot Cover // Scotland’s Shirt // Scotland’s Headwrap 

Alright, if you’ve been following along… ya already know that the DockATot has my heart for my favorite baby item.

They were so kind and we received another, compliments of DockATot ... this time in the Grand size. I’m telling y’all these things are a game changer.

I love this thing so much that I literally tell everyone and their brother about it. We got one for our friends when their little man was born and they are equally in love. Until you become a parent you don’t realize how much you will love a product that will allow you and your babe to get more sleep 😂😂 I’ve heard from other mamas that they’re great for toddler bed transitions.

I seriously don’t like to go even a night without it, so we gotta travel bag as well so we can take it where ever we go and S sleeps just like she does at home 🙌🏽🙌🏽

They’re the neatest company and have seriously the cutest prints and covers for the Docks. I went with this earthy tropical print for our little Florida girl. I also love the Carrara Marble cover too 😍

If you are a mama to be, new mama, toddler mama or know of a mama thinking bout getting one, I’m tellin ya… it’s worth every penny! Also let’s take a moment and appreciate how cute it is that Scotland is wearing my little sister’s hand-me-down tee shirt that’s a 5T as a nightgown…. I mean come on 😍

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