February Update


My Outfit

Shoes // Leggings // Shirt // Hat (old similar style here)

So, I was wearing this same Shirt on my last blog post in a different color. My mom got a couple and I loved them so much she got me 3 for my birthday 🙌🏽 It’s the best lightweight long sleeve tee. It’s so soft and under $20. I think I might get one in the rest of the colors!😂😂😂

Scotland’s Outfit

Shoes // Headwrap

Y’all already know how much I love Freshly Picked shoes for S. They’re my favorite. Her Headwraps are always the focal point of her outfit… everywhere we go people ask about them. They’re the cutest dang things. A friend of mine started the company and they’re all handmade!


A little life update! Scottie is in the most fun stage right now. Her personality is developing more and more everyday. She’s seriously sooooo funny. She has me dyin’ laughin’ at least once a day. She looooves picking up leaves and handing them to anyone who will take them. She thinks they’re the coolest things ever. She still doesn’t love getting dressed and is perfectly content being in just her diaper! 😂

Jordan has been slammed at work, but we’ve been trying to make working out a priority, too. My half marathon is in 3.5 weeks (eeeeekkk! 😳)…. were planning on having a little weekend retreat afterwards with my friend and her husband.

I’m planning a trip to Tulsa at the end of April for my SeneGence business then were headed back to Utah in May for my brother-in-law’s wedding! We’re hoping to go to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons! I’ve never been so I’m pretty excited.

We’ve been lovin’ our Disney passes. It’s so dang fun watching Scotland take it all in. She is such a fan of music so any show or ride that involves music she is always rockin’ out.

I’ve been loving our “winter” here in Florida. It makes our hot, hot, hot summers a little bit more bearable because we get about 6 months of heavenly weather. Hope y’all are havin’ a fabulousssss February!



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