My favorite purchases in 2017


I’m seriously SO excited about this blog post. I’m rounding up all my favorite and most used purchases from this past year. Get ready cause it’s gonna be a good one!

For Home


Capri Volcano Candles: Okay, so this one is a multiple purchase because unfortunately they don’t last forever. These are my all time favorite candles. They last for a LOOOOONG time compared to most candles and seriously by just using one my whole house smells good.


This Tray is soooo awesome. We use some that are similar at the salon, but I’ve been using this one at home. I feel like it is the perfect centerpiece for just about any surface.


Confession: I am an Amazon Addict, seriously. I buy just about everything I can from Amazon. I found this butter bell one day while searching around and it’s so awesome. It keeps butter fresh for 30 days but it also has it at the perfect spreading consistency.

For Scotland


This one qualifies under “For Home” and “For Scotland” and is another Amazon prime purchase. It’s a diaper caddy but has so many uses. It’s so nice being able to keep all of Scotland’s diapers/wipes/medicine all in one little carrier.


My new Ryla Pack Backpack! IT’S THE BESTTTTT! I love it so much. It’s so easy to keep organized and I get so many compliments on it. The material is so durable. On the plane ride to Utah Scotland poured my coke all over my lap and it got all over the backpack and it just wiped right off! (You can use the code CAITLYN20 for 20% off!)

For Jordan


Jordan has a subscription to Buff Boxx and it’s sooo great. We’ve both found some of our very favorite supplements through it. He always gets at least one piece of clothing from it and he loves it because it’s so motivating to keep working out when you have new stuff!


We both are into trying to stay active and fit. We also both have a pretty bad shoe shopping problem. J bought Adidas NMD Boost and He LOOOOOVES them. They’re pretty versatile for running/crosstraing/daily wear.

For ME!


Okay,  this necklace is my absolute favorite. It’s so simple which I love. I got and S for Scotland (hahhaha obviously.) I’ve gotten so many compliments on it. I wear it just about everyday.


My Apple Watch! Seriously this thing is the best. I got it for my birthday, because I was going back to work after I had Scotland. It’s so nice being able to get all my notifications straight to my watch. I love it for tracking my fitness as well. Now that I started running I use it for timing my runs. This was definitely one of my favorite purchases. I have the Series 1 but Jordan has the Series 3 and loves it, too!


I had been wanting a pair of over the knee boots for about four years. These  I have loved for a while are a bit… I mean a ton (as in like $700) over my budget.  This year I found these during a Nordstrom sale and I’m so happy I got them. I wear them with just about everything!


I am so thankful for all of y’all for following along…. and ready I’m to start another year of blogging! I’d love to hear what y’all’s favorite kinds of blog posts are so that I can bring more of that to the blog this year!


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