Let’s Talk GOALS!

I know it’s sooooo cliche with the whole “New year new me”  saying, but there is something so refreshing about the start of a new year!

I love planning, to-do lists, and goals so I thought I would share a few of my goals this year, and I’d love to hear y’all’s, too!

  • Visit a National Park I’ve never been to! (There are so many beautiul places in our country to visit).
  • Run a half marathon (I’m running March 3rd; it’s totally happening! I’ve always hated running, so this is a big deal).
  • Blog TWICE a month (this is a big goal. I always have so many post ideas in my head I would love to share but actually taking the time to write is where the challenge is).
  • Time Blocking…. I need to learn this art. Hahaha there are so many things I’d like to get done in a day that I need to learn how to manage my time and time block a bit better.
  • Read/Listen to a new book a month! “Too Many Books, Too Little Time” is true.  There are SOOOO many books I want to read, so I want to read at least twelve this year! I love listening to them in the car through audible.
  • Get back down to my “Pre-Baby” weight…. I’ve got about 10 pounds to go and I’m totally feelin’ it from this holiday season hahaha
  • Become “SeneBlends Make Up Artist Certified.”  Most of y’all know I’m a distributor through SeneGence. This is a goal I want to accomplish through the company!

I’m so excited for what this year has in store. Hope y’all are havin’ the happiest new year…. bring on 2018!

Pictures via Pinterest

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