7th Inning Stretch!



I’m 7 months into this mama gig and can’t believe how fast time has been flying. I want to take a “7th Inning Stretch” and recap my favorite and most used baby products!

Of course my number one is the DockATot, and I did a whole post explaining why I am so obsessed with it already.  You can read that here.  Also, I’m 100% in love with and tell everyone about our Owlet monitor as well. I think I will devote a whole post to that, too.

CLOTHES…the best part of baby shopping is the stinking cuuuute clothes. I mean,  I can hardly resist them no matter where I am. I am such a fan of Finn + Emma… I got my bestie a few things from them for her sweet new baby as well because I loved everything we had gotten for Scotland.

I have a pair of jeggings for S from Beau Hudson that I seriously wash just about everyday. They’re my absolute FAVORITE. Come on!  A little babe in skinny jeans…. the best! We also have a few sweaters and beanies from them  and I cant handle the cuteness. Perfect for you mamas who don’t find out the gender like we didn’t!

Now for convenience, which every Mama is looking for… THE BINXY BABY! Binxy Baby is a shopping cart hammock that you can put your babies in! Every Target trip or grocery run we go on we use it and I get stopped and asked where it’s from! I even passed out their business cards. Seriously, it’s a genius idea. I bet we will use it sooo much throughout the years as we have more babies. Its so nice not having to lug the carseat into the store.




Okay…. lets talk about swaddles. I have a billion of them for S because they’re the perfect light blanket for Florida. We use them like crazy and I love each one for different reasons. But for sleep The Ollie Swaddle wins, hands down. Scottie was a baby Houdini and got out of every swaddle no matter how tight we wrapped her. Then we got the Ollie Swaddle and it was a game changer. It’s velcro so she couldn’t break loose, but it’s not too restricting so she was able to move comfortably. The story behind how this swaddle was developed is super neat too if you check it out on their site.



My list of baby product must-haves goes on and on but I won’t overload y’all today. I’m feelin’ all the feels because my sweet niece was just born (YAAAY) a few hours ago, healthy and perfect and I can’t believe that my girl isn’t a teeny tiny newborn anymore. Thanks for reading! And if y’all wanna see pictures of these products in action follow me on Instagram! @caitlynemilymc

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  1. What a great service you provide for parents in the world of baby products! Goodness, there are so many wonderful choices these days! Btw, Scotland is more beautiful than EVER and her magnanimous personality just lights up your blog! Thanks for sharing!!!


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