DockATot = Lifesaver


DockATot/ Leggings/ Sweater/Ollie Swaddle/ TurbanBlanket  

If y’all haven’t heard of a DockATot, I’m going to change your life. But really, for mama’s this is a game changer. The DockATot is basically a heaven bed for babies. To give you a little idea of what it is before I tell you why I love it so much I’ll drop a few facts:  It’s a multifunctional lounger and co-sleeper. They’re made in Europe and designed in Sweden. They’re breathable and all natural 100% cotton. They’re an ideal microclimate for babies. They have two sizes. The deluxe is for 0-8 months and the grand is for 9-36 months. (We’re upgrading to the Grand Dock soon because, honestly I’m not sure how to live without it now hahah)!

Ok now I am going to tell you why I am so obsessed with it.  We received the DockATot a couple months after having S. I had been trying to have her sleep in her bassinet but the longest stretch she would go was 3-4 hours and that was rare. She didn’t like not being near us. I had told myself and others while I was pregnant that there was no way I would ever co-sleep. Well after a few week of getting little to no sleep that went completely out the window. Luckily I had my Owlet monitor to make sure she was safe however, I slept with no blankets and pillows so that she would be safe from suffocation.  As you can imagine, sleeping with no pillow and blankets was kind of the worst but it was more sleep than I was getting before.

Well then this little piece of heaven got delivered and my whole life changed, seriously! Scotland sleeps in her DockATot between us on top of the covers. The very first night I had her in her Ollie Swaddle (click here for a link to this bad boy) and her Dockatot and she slept 7 hours straight. From then on out I’ve been a die hard fan. I tell every new mama I know about these products. I think the reason is because I experienced such a drastic change with Scotland’s sleep. And what’s cuter than a sleeping baby?

The DockATot mimics the womb and makes babies feel safe and secure. We used ours across our laps on our flight to Utah and we bring it each time we go anywhere overnight. That way she sleeps in the same “bed” each night no matter where we are. It’s a traveling family’s must-have for sure.

I’ll be doing a roundup post of all my favorite baby products and companies soon so stay posted for that! Thanks for reading, and if you order your little one a Dock, get ready for some freaking sleep! hahahah



  1. WOW! Sure wish I had this while raising MY babies! It sounds amazing! Btw, the baby model is BEYOND adorable! Such a personality and love that smile!!!😇


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