Patriotic Favs


Dress//Shoes//Lips//Backpack(Last Season, similar style here)

The 4th of July is my absolute favorite holiday. Summer is my favorite time of year so I think that’s why I adore it so much.  I love to get decked out in red, white, and blue so I’m gonna share with y’all a couple items that are perfect for the 4th this year! The dress I’m wearing is new at Target and only $30! Such a good find.

Little S just got her ears pierced last week and I’m loving them. They look so dang cute sticking out of her headbands.

Here are a couple other items that I’ve been eyeing for the 4th!



Dress ($150)


Red Backpack (Under $30!)



  1. Love your choice of colors for the 4th and the way you tied the whole “theme” together without being too cutesy! Btw, Scottie has grown so much and I simply love the pic with her big smile! What a personality! Great post and I love following you!


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