Scotland’s Baby Blessing



The whole reason we went to Utah last month was so that we could do Scotland’s church blessing with all of Jordan’s family there. My mom’s brothers live there as well so between the two of us we have about 50 family members out there! We turned it into a vacation and went to Zion National Park and St. George for the second half of our trip.

I had heard about people doing their baby blessings in a home instead of at a church and I loved that idea, but squeezing that many people in someone’s house seemed like a challenge I wasn’t up for. We had planned on doing it at a clubhouse but we had some last minute difficulties (the morning of!) and we ended up doing it at my best friend’s church.  I had packed Jordan’s suit and a dress for me to wear but I had totally misplaced J’s dress shoes, so he wore his suit and maroon Nikes hahahah Like I said, it was just our family and it was so perfect. He gave Scotland the most beautiful,  sweet blessing. We both feel so honored to be her parents.

She was so fun to take pictures of afterward and she was totally soaking up all the attention. My uncle who has visited Scotland (the country) had their flag hanging in his garage. My mom saw it and they had the best idea of bringing it to take pictures of her with it at the blessing! I love how the blue made her eyes pop!

Her dress has kind of a neat story behind it. My mom had bought it for me to wear for my blessing, however my adoption took a while to finalize, so I wasn’t able to wear the dress because I had outgrown it. She held onto it for all of these years and we were able to have Scottie girl wear it. It was too special. Her flower crown is from the sweetest little girl bow shop called Kolbi Blake and Co 

I learned my lesson on overpacking with a baby. It was quite the task lugging everything all over the state of Utah. We were gone 8 nights and stayed at 5 different places.  I drug our huge Uppa Baby stroller with us all the way from Florida… and we only used it once. Next time we travel with her I’m bringing her smaller stroller. She was a champ on the plane rides and barely made a peep.  I guess I have a baby that’s made for traveling!

I can’t believe she’s already 4 months old. She’s so fun to be around, has started to roll all over the place and is such a smiley little babe.

Hope you enjoy these pictures of our girl on her special day!

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