Bath time with S

img_4884img_4875img_4883img_4874img_4879img_4871img_4880img_4878img_4872img_4877This little lady, like her mama, LOVES the water. Bath time is the highlight of her day. I’ve tried to be as conscious as possible with chemicals that I expose to Scotland. I have been using diapers and clothes without the added chemicals (I love Honest Company and Burt’s Bees Baby clothes!) and I am trying to eat as good (and organic) as possible to provide the best milk for her. So naturally I’ve felt the same way with bath products.

Tubby Todd sent me this lavender bath wash and it is soo dreamy. I love the way it makes her smell. I have a few other products of theirs that I was given at my baby shower and I love them all. They started their company because they have babes with sensitive skin and they wanted to find an all-natural solution. Check out their story here.

I had decided I wanted a Blooming Bath one day before I had even gotten pregnant because I loved the look of them, but a few months down the road came in contact with them over social media and they sent me this one to wash my sweet girl. It is SOOOO easy to use and I love it so much. It makes bath time even more fun. I mean look how stinkin’ cute!

Let’s talk about the towels! I got these Turkish towels and organic muslin washcloths from Lulujo. They’re so pretty that when I received them in the mail I thought they were blankets. They’re the perfect size and extremely absorbent. They’re my favorite ones and I miss them when they’re in the dirty wash (which can be for a long time cause let’s be real,  I haven’t had much time for laundry hahah)

I hope y’all enjoy these pictures as much as I do. I mean nothin’ cuter than a baby in a bath!

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