No more bump… update!


Pants//Sweater//Footed Romper/ Headband

I’m so used to doing my “Bumpdate” that it feels weird doing a post without one. My sweet Scotland has been on earth for a whole three weeks already. As much as it feels like I JUST had her, I also can’t imagine life without her now.  The transition into motherhood has been smooth. Life as a mama couldn’t be better and I love spending my days snuggled up with my girl. I’m barley sleeping and I’m trying to keep my house somewhat clean but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m already dreading leaving her and I still have 2.5 weeks maternity leave left! I’m lucky enough that I create my own schedule once I return to working. Having that flexibilty will be so nice so I can keep breastfeeding her.

I gained a total of almost 65 pounds while pregnant! (I was “planning” on only gaining 30 hahah) and I’ve lost about 30 or so already. The next 30 I don’t think will come off as easily but I am sooo looking forward to getting back into the gym. I’m considering doing the keto diet for a few months to jump start the weight loss. Have any of y’all done keto? Any great recipes or tips?

I was so happy to work with Pink Blush Maternity again. They sent me this outfit for these lazy days at home with Scottie. The top is totally nursing friendly which is a huge positive and the pants are the comfiest. I’ll be hosting a “new mama” package giveaway soon and store credit to Pink Blush will be part of it!

Scotland’s soft and pretty little deer jammies came from the sweetest shop called Milkbarn Kids. They sent me a mini lovey and swaddle with this print on it and I love them all! I bought so much gender neutral clothing that seeing her in such a feminine outfit is exciting.

My next post will be about all of my favorite maternity items for all you pregnant mamas! Finding good maternity and nursing clothes can be tricky so I’m excited to share those with y’all!

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