A Birth Story : Scotland Jordan McDonald


Four days ago was the best day of my life. My sweet Scotland Jordan decided to make her way into this world with a pretty grand entrance and I’m so excited to share the experience with y’all.

On Saturday I was 39 weeks and 2 days.  The whole week I had been trying all of the wives tales on how to start labor and nothing had been working so I had decided to just give up on all of that because my baby wasn’t feelin’ it hah. I started the day with some Christmas shopping and lunch with my mom before I had to get ready to go to J’s work Christmas party. My parents were at the party as well because Jordan and my dad work together. We had all talked about how we thought I would have the baby before the party and we were shocked that we made it with no sign of baby coming anytime soon.

8:30 pm Saturday,  December 17th: Christmas party began. It was at Fleming’s  Steakhouse. We devoured a 5 course meal over the next 3 hours. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever had so much food in one night in my life. At this point I’m not even kidding I had zero contractions of any sort. We left around 11 pm and when I was huggin’ my parents goodbye my mom joked sayin’ she’d like me to have the baby that night and she’d see us at the hospital in a few hours.

We got home sometime around 11:30 p.m. I showered,  got in bed and we watched a few episodes of Modern Family.

1:55 AM  Sunday,  December 18th: I was just about to go to sleep and I felt a weird crack in my abdomen. I was in so much pain from overeating I thought I needed to go to the bathroom. I got out of bed to turn the TV off and my water broke. I woke Jordan up and told him but then I started second guessing myself (because earlier in the week I had sneezed and peed all over and for a second I thought it was my water that broke then). I called my mom and told her there was a chance my water broke but that I was going to call the midwife to see what to do.

2:03 AM  Sunday,  December 18th: I called the on-call midwife,  explained to her what I felt and told her how I wasn’t still leaking fluid.  She told me that it could be my water and to come to the hospital to get checked because I had tested positive for Group B Strep and they wanted me on antibiotics after my water broke for precaution.  She said , “Take your time, take a shower if you’d like. Get your stuff together and leave within an hour or so.” I told my mom to just hang out at home and that I’d tell her once we got to the hospital if they were going to admit me or not.

At this point I thought I wasn’t having any contractions but some gas pain from dinner and I was thinking how embarrassing it was going to be if my water did break because once I was gonna have the baby that 5 course meal was gonna come out,  too. I did some dishes and started grabbing a few items around the house when suddenly my “Gas Pain” got unbelievably bad. I told J we had to leave but I couldn’t because I didn’t want to poop my pants in the car. I was going a little crazy walking all over the house trying to get the pain to go away.

2:48 AM  Sunday,  December 18th: Jordan was getting ready for us to leave and I noticed that I was starting to  bleed. I then got extremely worried and we got in the car immediately and headed for the hospital.  I told J not to speed. The “gas pains” were getting unbearable and I thought we were going to have to stop along the way so I could use the restroom. I managed to text my mom to tell her to leave her house because I was in a lot of pain and to meet us at the hospital. I thought something was wrong because of the bleeding. He called his mom to let her know we were headed to the hospital and while he was on the phone my pain got increasingly bad and I started screaming.  Not just like a little scream, like I’m talking it full on sounded like I was being tortured scream. My water had then started pouring out everywhere… ALL over my car seat. His mom,  who’s a nurse, heard me yell that I had to poop and she told Jordan to tell me not to push.  At this point I told J I didn’t care how fast he drove but to get me to the hospital. About a mile away from the hospital I’m mid-contraction and Jordan says, “I know  you don’t want to hear this but we’re almost out of gas.” I screamed at him to keep going and that I didn’t care.

Around 3:15 AM  Sunday, December 18th: We pulled up to the ER and I kid you not the slowest old lady on earth comes over to the car while I am screaming bloody murder and asked if I needed a wheelchair. I screamed yes and she ever so slowly brought us a wheel chair. I couldn’t sit down normally because I had so much pressure (her head was literally coming out) so I was sitting at an angle on the wheelchair and the lady wouldn’t push it,  so Jordan full on takes the wheelchair from her and starts hauling butt to the elevator. We went to the labor and delivery floor and the security guard heard me screaming and told Jordan to drop me off at triage and to come back so he could get checked in. He dropped me off and about six different nurses picked me up and threw me on a bed in a side triage room. They then checked me while I was in the middle of a contraction and I heard them yell ,”Call Christina and tell her to go straight to L&D!  She’s complete!” I had no idea what that meant and asked what I was dilated to and they said I was at a 10 plus 2! I started freaking out yelling for them to get my husband and the nurse asked for my cell phone so she could call him. I let her know he had my phone but to find him. She went running down the hall and said to him ,”Come on dad! We have to go!” During all of this they rushed me to a labor and delivery room and Christina, the midwife, came in. She told me I needed to start pushing but I didn’t want to because Jordan and my mom  weren’t in the room yet and I didn’t want them to miss it.

Jordan came running in the room and I heard the midwife tell him to reach down cause her head was coming out. She said,  “Look!  That’s the baby’s hair!  Tell her she needs to push!” He came over by my side and started encouraging me to push. I asked him to call my mom to see where she was; she said she was on her way up and he told her , “Okay you better hurry she’s having the baby.” Within a minute she was in the room asking what was going on. They told her I was having the baby and at that point I started pushing with all I had.

3:32 AM Sunday,  December 18th: After just a couple minutes of pushing her head and shoulders were out. My midwife said,  “Caitlyn, reach down and pull out your baby!” and without hesitation I pulled her out and Jordan yelled ,”It’s a girl!”… In that moment my whole world changed. I looked over at Jordan and he was bawling his eyes out. I felt love like I had never felt and I also felt more shocked than I have ever felt.  I couldn’t believe how fast it all happened. I had read so many books and blogs about natural childbirth, what to expect and how to get through it. I had planned on laboring for hours in a tub, having a birth photographer and I had even practiced HypnoBirthing. Literally none of that was needed haha  We decided on her name a few hours after she was born. I’m so grateful to have had such a smooth pregnancy and a fast delivery, although next time I will know that severe,  out-of-this-world gas pains are actually contractions and I’ll aim to get to the hospital sooner.

Since birth photography obviously didn’t get to happen we were so lucky to have Photography by Ariel to capture some of the sweet moments we had in the hospital. They are pictures I’ll cherish for the rest of my life.

It’s time for me to go feed my sweet girl and soak up as much of the newborn phase as possible. Thanks so much for reading!


  1. Yours is a pretty intense story, Caitlyn and you are probably one in a million moms who have a baby in 15 minutes. Pappy and I had been praying every night your entire pregnancy that you would have an easy delivery with no complications buy God went above and beyond with this one! We are so very happy for you and Jordan and for our newest Great Granddaughter, Scotland! She is absolutely beautiful and our constant prayers of a very healthy baby also came to fruition. You and Jordan are going to be amazing parents! We Love You and can’t wait to hold Scotland!

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