Bartaco Baby Shower



So, it’s December which means we’ve made it to baby’s birth month. Which is the best ever, because that means that I get to meet this sweet little one and that (hopefully) my cankles will be gone soon! Hahah speaking of my cankles they made their “grand” appearance this past Saturday and let me tell ya…. straight up looks like I have elephantiasis 😂😂

Last month my mama threw me the most perfect shower here in Florida to celebrate Baby Mac and I’m stoked to share a little bit about it with y’all. She hosted it at one one of our newly found favorite restaurants called Bartaco. It’s located down in Hyde Park Village which is a shopping district in the cutest neighborhood in Tampa. It’s my happy place and conveinently located a few minutes from the hospital where all my doctor appointments have been. So, mama and I have been frequent visitors there the last nine months Haha.

Anyway, it was a beautiful day and so fun to celebrate with family and friends. Bartaco is a street taco restaurant so we each had 3 tacos and choice of soup or salad and it was yummy as always! For dessert I wanted donuts and there is the best donut shop down the street from our house. I got spoiled with so many gfits for our baby and I feel so lucky to have such a great “village” of people to surround our baby with love.

I’m almost done packing for the hospital so a post on everything I’ll be bringing will be coming to the blog soon!

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