Week 35 Bumpdate!


Dress by Isabella Oliver (I’m so obsessed with it!) // Sunnies // Boots old similar style here // Flannel Button Up  (It’s a mens shirt!)

Man oh man, it’s so crazy to me that I have 5 weeks or less with this baby in my tummy. It’s “go time” soon! With the upcoming holidays this time of year goes by so fast; now I just wanna make sure I get everything in order before Baby Mac makes its grand entrance. I’ve been working on getting our hospital bag and diaper bag packed (blog on that coming soon!)

I’m now on a weekly schedule of seeing my midwives. I had a checkup yesterday and my midwife asked if I have had any cramping.  I told her I’ve had a little and she responded by saying how low baby’s head is and that it’s worked its way down. In my head I was thinking that I knew I’ve felt an excessive amount of pressure lately so I was glad to know I wasn’t crazy.

I went on a tour of the hospital today and for a hospital it’s about as nice as you can get. I’m so lucky to live near such a great one (all the L&D rooms have views over the bay!) and two of the rooms even have large jacuzzi tubs! I’m hoping I’m lucky enough to get one.  The nurse giving the tour said how it’s not a myth that lots of babies are born around the time of full moons and theres another super moon in mid December, so maybe baby will decide that it’s time to come a week or so early!

Here’s a few more details and updates on my pregnancy!

Weight Gain: 42 Pounds (but no weight gain these past two weeks, which is so weird!) Gender: Still a surprise! So happy we’ve almost made it without finding out! At this point I seriously have no idea what I think it is. My 9 year old sister is 100% certain it’s a boy though haha. Clothes: I basically only wear either Jordan’s shirts or my select few maternity shirts now.  Everything has become a belly shirt! I loooove this dress that I was sent by Isabella Oliver though. It’s the perfect fit on my belly and not uncomfortable or restricting at all! I dressed it down with a flannel and boots but for upcoming holiday parties (if I make it to them without having this baby first) I plan on dressing it up with heels and a leather jacket. Cravings: Still nothing crazy, although the amounts of crushed ice I’ve been consuming is a little excessive. Travel: I am actually done traveling for the remainder of my pregnancy! My midwife said no more, and with baby sitting so low I need to stay close. I am going to The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World  in a couple weeks though so maybe all that walking will end up putting me into labor.

Who knows how many of these posts I have left, so for those of you who have followed along this whole time thanks so much! I’m so excited to share my experiences being a new mama with y’all!

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