My skincare routine





Face Wash// Toner// Eye Cream// Moisturizer

Time for some hardcore girl talk. SKINCARE! I’m a beauty product addict and basically want to try anything and everything when it comes to products, so today I’m sharing a few of my favorite products that I can’t even think about switching from.

Last May when I was in Vancouver my mama and I discovered this line by Shiseido and we’ve been hooked ever since. I love the scent and the way it makes my face feel and I want a skincare line that is wrinkle preventative without being too harsh on my skin. I use my clarisonic about 2 or 3 times a week to exfoliate. I can’t do it any more often and I have to use the sensitive brush. I recently just started using the Origins Eye Cream that’s in the pictures. Like I said, I love trying new products haha. So far I’ve been really liking it though; it’s very refreshing.

Okay story time…. In high school I was lucky enough to have pretty clear skin for a hormonal teenage girl. I had the occasional breakout or zit here and there but for the most part my skin was in good shape. I used Purity by Philosophy face wash for years (I actually still use it often and have a large bottle in my shower!) I have sensitive skin so I have to use gentle cleansers. Fast forward to last summer: I started breaking out SO bad. Like I said I was spoiled during my teenage years with not having acne prone skin so it came as a shock to me and I was freeeeaking out. I use nice products, my hormones were the same, I don’t sleep in makeup, so I couldn’t figure out why the heck my face was beginning to look like a pepperoni pizza. WELLLLL… I realized it was all because I started shaving my face with a tinkle razor. I had read a few blogs and skin tutorials that were raving about how awesome it is and how your makeup looks so much better without peach fuzz all over your face. I quickly learned that since I have sensitive skin that this was a bad idea for me and I had a billion little ingrown hairs all over my face. Flash forward again to now and thank goodness I stopped shaving my face (duh!) and now the acne has totally gone away. I’m left with some scarring cause I’m the worst at picking my face so I’m hoping to get a PMD sometime to help reduce the scars.

Have any of y’all used one and loved it?!

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