Chi-Town + Bumpdate













Man oh man, I’m already missin’ Chicago. I had the best long weekend celebrating my mama’s birthday…it was just the two of us (plus baby Mac hahah). I can’t wait to tell y’all all about it but first I’ll share a quick Bumpdate…


Baby McDonald is starting to get a bit squished in my tummy… I can feel its feet under my ribs already. If this babe takes after its dad it’ll sure be tall one! It’s crazy to me that I’m already in the 3rd trimester.  I really feel like it’s flown by so far. I mean hooooow on earth is it already almost October?!? Traveling this go around wasn’t too hard with my bump in tow. It was a non-stop flight which I think helped a ton not having a layover. Craziest moment this week would probably be that when we were heading back home from Chicago there was an accident on the interstate so we were way late getting to the airport and we were flying Southwest where you don’t have assigned seats. I opt out on the x-ray screenings at the airport while being pregnant and choose a pat down instead, which makes the wait much longer.  I sent my mom to the gate without me so she could save me a spot by her on the plane and I had her take all of my stuff with her while I waited to get pat down…well that included my shoes and phone.  After I was cleared I realized I had no shoes, and no phone (which had my boarding pass on it) so I had to straight up run across the entire Chicago airport with no shoes, very pregnant to catch her so she didn’t get on the plane without me. Oh, it’s funny now that I look back on it but in the moment,  freaking out… (I blame all the hormones).

Now let me tell y’all about our trip! We flew in on Friday afternoon which was my mama’s birthday and went straight to our hotel. We stayed at The Drake Hotel,  which I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone visiting Chicago. It’s such a beautiful and historical hotel (you can even see Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio’s initials carved into the bar!) and right in the heart of the city. We freshened up and went to dinner at Giordano’s for some famous Chicago Deep Dish Pizza… it was so so good.

Saturday morning we got our day started by heading down to Navy Pier to take an architectural boat tour around the city. It was super neat to be able to see the city from the water. The rest of the day we spent on our hop-on hop-off  bus. We went to lunch at Eataly which became our favorite place to be in the city. It’s an indoor market with all things Italian including nine restaurants. We ate at the pasta restaurant and it was divine. For dinner we took an uber to a five story Restoration Hardware. We called ahead of time to ask when we should come and they said to come between 5:30 and 6:30 because it gets crazy busy anytime after that. If you’re ever in Chicago you HAVE to go there just to see the place. It’s unbelievably pretty (and the food was delicious).

Sunday we woke up and went to Eataly for breakfast (they have a nutella bar where we each got a crepe!) We went to Millennium Park to see Cloud Gate, aka “The Bean” then did a little shopping before heading back to the hotel for Afternoon Tea. Last year in Victoria we had our first Afternoon Tea and absolutely loved everything about it. We decided to make it a tradition and gosh, it’s the BEST! The food and tea were both so good. It’s definitely a memory I’ll have for a long time. After tea we went up to our room for a nap because this pregnant lady was very tired hahah, then we went to Grant Park to be at the Buckingham Fountain for sunset. It was sooo beautiful. We had dinner at Potbelly’s and split another crepe at Eataly on our way back to the hotel!

We woke up Monday and got breakfast at the hotel then went to the mall across the street, Water Tower Place, to The American Girl Doll Store and picked up a doll for my sister  (lucky girl, I know) then caught the double-decker bus one last time around. We ate lunch at Portillo’s (a super famous Chicago restaurant which we now have here in Brandon, but we hadn’t tried yet).  We went back to get our luggage and headed home. It was so awesome getting to spend that quality time with my mama before the baby comes.

Now back to reality;  I’m super sick with a cold/flu which is so not fun while being pregnant but I’m just thankful I didn’t feel this way on our trip. J and I head off to Utah in a few weeks, then we won’t be traveling anymore ’til this babe makes it’s appearance. We’ve still got a few things to finish up in the nursery before I post all about it, but I do have some exciting news coming this week so stay tuned!

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