Pink Blush Maternity Bumpdate



Dress// Pinkblush  Boots// Steve Madden Mountain Store // Purse// Kate Spade similar here 

Before I bombard y’all with all my pregnancy details I have to share how obsessed I am with pinkblush! They sent me this beautiful dress which I have been LOVING because honestly, putting pants on in this late summer Florida heat isn’t fun. They have the prettiest dresses for maternity and nursing and if you’re following me on insta you can enter to win a $75 giftcard to their shop!

25 (almost 26!) Week Bumpdate!

Weight gain: Gosh, it’s right around 20 pounds! (Maybe more but I’m scared to admit it haha)

Cravings: Still lovin’ the carbs and tacos, but nothing too crazy. I’ve for sure been drinking more milk my entire pregnancy though!  

 Clothes: A loooot of my shirts have turned into belly shirts haha so it’s been interesting getting ready each day. I keep discovering items to put away until after baby comes.

Gender: SO crazy how I keep changing my mind… I have thought this whole time that it’s a girl but now I catch myself thinking it’s a boy. My aunt and cousin have both had dreams it is a boy…And J still is certain it’s a boy… Who knows!

Sleep: Oh goodness I miss my sleep!  I guess pregnancy just prepares you for when you have a newborn keeping you up all night because this has probably been the hardest part!

Travel: Last week my mom and I went to Utah for my cousin’s wedding and the altitude change made my feet and hands swell up so that was fun… haha I’m going to Chicago in a couple weeks then back to Utah next month. This babe is already learning what it’s like to travel!

Scariest Pregnancy Moment this week: Hearing that the zika virus has affected 84 pregnant women here in Florida. I’m at the point where my evening walks won’t be happening anymore and I’m just gonna lock myself in a bubble!

Best Pregnancy moment this week: Feeling the kicks and jabs get harder and harder! This babe is quite the kicker!  At my midwife checkup last week baby was kicking the heart doppler like CRAZY. Baby is definitely more active at night and whenever I lay down! My mom took a video to send to family as she was checking the heart rate and at the end my midwife said, “Those are some hard kicks…. there’s nothin’ wrong with that baby!”

Hardest Part: The hardest part of this pregnancy so far has been working on my feet all day (with lack of sleep pretty high up there as well).  I wake up at night with killer Charley horse cramps from standing all day. I’ve been wearing just tennis shoes and Birkenstocks lately to work and that’s been helping a ton. 

Most excited for: I cannot wait to finish up the nursery and share it with all of you! It’s been such a fun part and making it seem so real. I’m hoping to reveal it sometime around the end of September or beginning of October so stay tuned!


  1. Lovin these Bumpdates ! I’m pretty good at predictions and I thought it could be a baby girl but with your bump now I’m leaning towards baby boy. Can’t wait to see baby’s nursery 💛

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