Jord Watch+Bump Update









Watch//c/o  Jord Watch

Shirt//Shop Stevie via @rockyway.shopstevie

Plaid Shirt// BP Plaid Tunic

Maternity Jeans// H&M

Nikes// Nordstrom

Sunglasses// H&M

Bag//Kate Spade similar here

Water Bottle// Nordstrom Rack (It was only $14 and it keeps my water cold in this hot Florida sun for 24 hours… BEST.THING.EVER.)

Before I give you my preggo details I just have to say how obsessed I am with this watch! The brand name is only part of the reason 😉  It’s an all wooden watch watch by Jord Watches. I feel like it literally matches everything! I’ve worn it almost every single day this week since it arrived! I think J is slightly jealous that I have a watch with his name hahaha.  I’ve teamed up with them to give away a $75 gift card to one of my readers, and just for entering you get a $20 gift card… to enter click here! (The giveaway ends on 9/4!) To check out more of their watches click here.

I’m now 21 weeks pregnant which is so so crazy to me…over halfway through already! I’ve been feeling great lately.  My morning sickness went away at around 12 weeks and I couldn’t be happier! My bump has definitley popped and is growing each day:)

Weight gain: 13 whole pounds! Cravings: CARBS! Hahah and this week I’ve been wanting  TACOS, give me all the tacos!   Clothes: Already in maternity jeans (Who knew they were soooo comfy?!) Movement: YES! I started feeling little movements around 2 weeks ago and this week they’ve gotten much stronger… baby feels like a little fish swimmin’ and floppin’ around in there! This has for sure been my favorite part of the pregnancy.  Gender: I still think it’s a girl and J thinks it’s a boy! (We’re not finding out until the delivery). Although, we had our anatomy scan this week and I am torn now and think it could be a boy just ’cause I feel like it had a boy face hahah Sleep: Been uncomfy the whole time… I miss sleepin’ on my tummy!

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