Ohhhh Baby!









DSC08113 (1)


This has been the hardest secret to keep (but it’s the best one EVER!) Baby McDonald is due at the end of the year and we couldn’t be more happy and excited!

We’re waiting to find out the gender in the delivery room….CRAZY, I know!   I’m feeling pretty good and starting to have a bit more energy coming out of the first trimester, however lots of food that I typically love I can’t even think about eating.  Alsoooo,  I ate a hotdog the other day and I don’t even eat meat so that’s pretty funny hahah.

I found out in April while Jordan was golfing and I thought I was gonna go crazy waiting at home to tell him. We leave in a few weeks for Boston and we are pretty stoked for our “babymoon”!



  1. What a super way to announce baby McDonald! And I think you are very brave and extremely smart to wait until the delivery and let your husband tell you the sex of the baby! What a sweet opportunity for a husband who many times, I think, can feel left out! I think you are going to set a trend here and now Caitlyn! Great blog, loved the photos and all of it! So happy for you and our entire family!

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