Scout Southern Market



Scout Southern Market

Alright y’all, let me tell ya how awesome social media can be sometimes.  About a year and a half ago,  my mom found the cutest shop on Instagram and told me I should follow it. It’s in Beaufort, South Carolina, where we used to visit every spring break while I was growing up and their stuff is just beautiful.

Flash forward…. we visited Beaufort for Easter this year. Well, I remembered I had been following this shop for a while and I was obsessed with everything I had seen so I put the address in my phone and we walked in and it was love at first sight! hahah It was greater than I coulda ever imagined. If I had to describe it, I’d say it’s kinda like a southern version of Anthropolgie. They have a tea and sweets bar in the back (where my mama and I devoured a pimento cheese platter) and all sorts of great stuff. I picked up the cutest collar for Cooper boy while we were there because I can’t help but bring a present back for my furbaby.

Soooo that being said if you’re ever in the Savannah,  Georgia or Charleston/Beaufort, SC area you HAVE to go there! I hope y’all are having the best week and stay tuned ’cause I have a few upcoming posts I’m pretty excited about!

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