A Day in San Fran with Michaela Desiree

Caitlyn: I’m just now getting around to writing about the day I spent with my friend Michaela in San Fransisco. I’ve asked her to help me with this post because it was a whirlwind of a day. I flew out the end of August to San Jose (where Michaela lives) so that we could roadtrip down to LA for our roomate from college’s wedding. We wrote about that experience here.

Anyway,  that whole first part of the trip was nuts!  We got lost so many times. There was a hurricane supposed to hit Tampa on that Monday, which didn’t actually happen but I had called and moved my flight to Tuesday just to be safe and Michaela had Monday off work so that left us with an extra day to explore!






I called my mama on the drive back up to the Bay area telling her about our adventures and to let her know we were goin’ to spend our extra day in San Fran, and bless her heart she felt bad for us for wasting so much of our trip lost and driving around that she got us tickets for a double decker bus tour of the city for the day. We were pretty stoked not have to worry about driving around and trying to find parking spots (ps… California drivers are seriously INSANE!) It totally helped with the anxiety we both had about the day.





Michaela: We drove up in the morning and hopped on the first bus. We made it through a whole loop around the city before getting off so we could see a little bit of everything. I had been to San Fran plenty of times since living in the bay area but I hadn’t gotten to see everything yet so it was nice… plus being able to laugh with my best friend all day was the best. I had just recently signed up for a half marathon that I ran in October so it was cool to imagine where I would be running in just a couples months.



Caitlyn: I finally conquered one of my crazy irrational fears that day which was awesome. I’ve always been TERRIFIED of bridges.. to the point where I would have panic attacks and actually get sick about them. I decided I needed to just get over that once and for all. I had already started to overcome it when I walked across a suspension bridge in Vancouver, but driving across to Golden Gate Bridge on the top of a bus took it to a whole different level. It actually felt good and I was stoked that I did it. I almost feel silly now for spending so much time freaking out about bridges in the past.


Michaela: We stopped for lunch at Boudin Bakery & Cafe… they’re famous for their sourdough bread bowls. We ate our soup and grilled cheese sandwiches in like a minute because it was sooo windy and everything kept flying away, but the food was ohh so yummy. We hopped back on the bus and went to go check out “The Full House” house.” Welll…. funny story about that; we got to the bus stop and the driver said “Anyone wanting to see the Full House house it’s at this stop just walk a block up the hill and its on your right! The next bus will be back in a bout 20 minutes.” So naturally we get off the bus and walk the way the tour guide told us and we couldn’t find it anywhere. So we googled it and it was 29 walking minutes away, so we got an uber to the house jumped out of the car and jumped back in to head back to the bus stop. Long story short, the driver meant to say the painted ladies were at the stop which they show on Full House but it wasn’t the actual house, so we totally wasted an hour of our time. Now it’s just a funny story and we laugh about our luck.

Caitlyn: I fell in love with Golden Gate park that day. It’s sooo beautiful I didn’t want to leave. I was so happy to be able to spend the day adventuring with Michaela and laughin’ about the silliest things. We ended the day by walking around Pier 39 and watchin’ all the sea lions. We didn’t make it to Alcatraz that day (I went when I was 8) but I’m hoping to go back and see it again someday.

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