I’m a fan of Fall.







Top// Nordstrom (Only $38)

Boots// Hunters

Leggings//Spanx Asessets (yes,I wear these ALL the time)

Hat//Got this one last month on sale @ Nordstrom Similar here and here

It’s startin’ to cool down a tad here in sunny Florida and I’m pretty stoked about it. I have so many fall/winter clothes from livin’ in Utah for the last 3 years that I’m excited to get a little use out of. We’re goin’ to Georgia for Thanksgiving and it’s lots cooler there so I will be able to bundle up. I’ve been loving these poncho/cape styled tops this year…. Jord always calls them my blanket shirts hahaha….but they’re the cutest so I don’t care what he calls them, plus we all know my obsession with hats; that still hasn’t changed! I’ve been wearing two braids with my hats quite a bit lately and it’s been savin’ me on my humidity-caused bad hair days.

I hope y’all are preparing to spend this upcoming week and holiday with loved ones. I can’t wait to munch down on my favorite Thanksgiving foods and play some football! Thanks for stopping by and reading and have a great day!

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