One Year Down!





It’s crazy to me that I’m even writing this blog post right now! It blows my mind that I’ve already been married to J for a whole year! I thought I’d share with y’all a few of our adventures of this past year.

  • We went to Aruba on our honeymoon where we saw a barracuda swimming three feet away from us while snorkeling (We later found out how dangerous they are and watched videos of them attacking people and we were shocked!)
  • Our best friends (who we introduced) got married exactly two weeks after us and we got to go to their wedding right after ours… it’s been fun starting the next chapter in our lives together!
  • I got diagnosed with Celiac Disease after a few overnights in the ER, 3 weeks after our wedding. I wasn’t too happy about it at first but I can keep it under control with the right diet.
  • We went to Florida for Christmas!
  • We had our New Year’s kiss in Jord’s car after picking Cooper up for the first time at his previous owner’s house at 11:51 pm!
  • Jordan learned how to snowboard, and he’s already better than me! We spent my 21st birthday at Sundance Ski Resort.
  • 8 days after my birthday (and snowboarding) I had ankle surgery and couldn’t drive for 6 weeks…. We had A LOOOOT of to-go meals hahah
  • We made a cross-country move, through 8 different states in 4 days!
  • We bought our first house and our first night there was on our 6 month anniversary!
  • Jordan has been helping coach my little brother’s travel baseball team with my dad:)
  • We’re now off to celebrate this past year in Naples, FL by relaxing on the beach for a long weekend!

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  1. Loved the post! How exciting your first year has been and you have both accomplished so much! Here’s to another 50, at least! Love you!


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