Off to lunch….






Dress // Birdie__Boutique on Instagram

Converse // Nordstrom (Classics!)

Bag // Tory Burch Small York Tote

Sunnies // Steve Madden Mirrored Sunglasses

Okaaaay guys, with this Florida heat… dresses are the way to go. I just about die if I’m in jeans for too long outside. I got this dress from birdie boutique and I’m obsessed. It’s light and comfy and perfect for a casual outing (shopping & lunch) or dressed up with wedges for church or a night out. I’ll be wearing this like crazy! All the the stuff they sell is the cutest and you should check them out. And, you can never go wrong with solid white cons. These are new so they’re so bright white (which I love) but I secretly love the way they look once they’ve been worn for a while.

Hope you’re havin’ a great week! – Cait

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