Tips to feel good from the inside out!


Shirt // Raok Boutique // Raok Gray Tee

Jeans // Madewell // The Perfect Summer Jean

Shoes// Nordstrom // Puma Suede Classic (These are perfect for traveling, soo comfy and they match everything!)


I’m soooo stoked to be writing this list of things that help me feel good! It’s been something I’ve been thinking about writing for a while. So, here goes….I’m challenging myself to do these as well!

As you can most likely tell, I had about five and a half inches cut off of my hair. It is a huge deal for me ’cause I’ve been growing my hair out since the end of my senior year when I chemically burned off about 8-9 inches. (It was a bad day but that’s a whole different story haha) anyway… I guess that would be my first tip: if you need to chop some hair off because its stringy and damaged, just bite the bullet and do it. It’s summer so messy buns are totally acceptable!

Drink lots of water! 

You’re supposed to drink half your body weight (lbs) in ounces each day!

-Write in a journal!

Journaling alway helps me feel refreshed and focused.

Sign up for a 5k!

Something I’m hoping to do once my ankle is better!

-Start a new hobby!

Yoga is one of my favorite hobbies and I’m hoping to get back into it and share what I’ve learned!

-Plan a vacation!

Even if it’s only a “staycation” plan a trip!

-Add Lemon to your water!

It’s been proven to help cleanse your system and aid in weight loss! Drink through a straw though in order to not hurt your teeth.

-Exfoliate your skin bi-weekly!

For my body I use Frank Body Scrub, and for my face I use Angels on Bareskin by Lush.

-Get a workout buddy!

Even if you’re just motivating each other through text it helps! I’m doing the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide and having friends who do it as well is so motivating!

-Buy new socks!

I know, this is a weird one but new socks make me soo happy!

-Read a book!

Give yourself some time to relax and cuddle up and read a new book!

-Serve someone in need!

Service is one thing that can make you feel so much better, instantly. Set a goal to serve someone. (I’m hoping to bring sandwiches to downtown Tampa to give to the homeless.)

-Try stretching every morning and evening!

I LOVE this one. I notice such a difference when I begin my day with stretching.

-Take time out from your phone!

For a while I was in the habit of not using my phone for about an hour or two before bed. It helped my sleep pattern so much. I need to do it again.

Thanks for reading, and let me know if you have any tried and true feel-good tips! Hope y’all are having a killer summer!

Caitlyn McDonald


  1. Loved this blog! One of my tips for feeling good is waking each morning with a prayer of Thanksgiving or some type of spirituality. Being grateful seems to be a lost art in this country and I loved your tip about serving others. When we do so we actually manage to focus on others and not fixate on any problems we may be going through. There are so many out there who truly need us! Thanks again! Enjoyed it as always!

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