Vancouver Part 2: Granville Island


Dress // Joe Fresh // Striped Short Sleeve Dress

Leggings // Nordstrom // Spanx Look-at-Me Leggings (My Favorites)

Jacket// Free people (old) // Still some available at

Boots // Nordstrom // Original Tall Rain Boot

I fell IN LOVE with the Granville Island Public Market. It’s seriously fabulous. It’s an idoor market full of vendors selling food, pastries, cheese, breads, flowers, fish, deli meats, jewelry and much more. Theres something for everyone there. The produce was so pretty I couldn’t help but take pictures.







K.. don’t judge…we were on vacation! We tried Hot Cross Buns for the first time,(YUMM) a lemon and sugar crepe, AND a fruit danish. They were all heavenly and I’m wishing I was indulging in one now as I drink my water and eat an apple. haha




They had so many flowers. I was obsessed. The peonies were gorgeous and came in  many different shades. I am really wishing this market was right down the street from me…my house would look like I was a florist and baker!





We went to the island again before boarding the ferry to head to Victoria. We knew we’d get hungry along the way and we’re such foodies that we wanted an excuse to try some of the bread and cheese they had. We got a small loaf of sourdough multigrain and a piece of Fontina cheese. It was the yummiest bread I think I’ve ever had.





I’ll be posting about our couple of days in Victoria next! Thanks for reading!

Caitlyn McDonald


  1. OMG! The colors, sights and imagined smells of this post are intoxicating! Truly, I was taken away to another time and place and who in the world has ever heard of “Easter egg radishes?” I learned so much and you made me want to hustle on over to Vancouver! Loved this one so much! Keep up the good work and I can’t wait until the next one. Where in the world do you come up with so many interesting topics and ideas?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. and I can testify that none of these pics were color enhanced! The fruits, veggies and flowers were that beautiful all by themselves.


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