Flowers, Float planes & Totem Poles


Shirt // Zara // Text T-Shirt (Only $10!)

Hat // Aerie // Panama Hat

Pants // Loft // Relaxed Straight (On Sale!)

Shoes // Birkenstocks // Arizona Black

 I’m home and still slightly jet lagged (our flight got majorly delayed and I didn’t get to bed til 7 am!) but I’m having a blast looking back on the trip already. I had sucha fun time with my pretty mama.



Whenever going to a big city we love to get Hop-On Hop-Off bus/trolley tickets. It’s a great way to see the whole city and hear about the history of it. Our first two days in Vancouver we had trolley tickets. My favorite part was Stanley Park. (IT’S HUUUUGE!), and soooo beautiful, everywhere you look. I didn’t know a big city could be so pretty. There are roses everywhere. It’s even bigger than Central Park.



The rose garden is insane… 3,400 rose bushes. It smells basically like heaven, with the mix of roses and the cedar trees. The weather was so beautiful that day.





The totem poles are a must-see; they’re such a signature to Stanley Park. Each one is  unique.




We had lunch in Stanley Park two days in a row. The first was at The Fish House and it was TO DIE FOR. I’m a big fan of Clam Chowder and theirs was pretty fabulous. I couldn’t resist taking a classic food picture 🙂

DSC_6172 DSC_6165

The second day we ate at Prospect Point. Our table overlooked the Lions Gate Bridge and we watched Sea Planes (they call them float planes there) take off and land.


After exploring the park, we headed to Canada Place to our Sea Plane tour! I was pretty stoked because I had never been on one before. It was a beautiful 25 minute ride over the city and mountains. If you’re ever in Vancouver you have to take a sea plane ride!




Right after our plane ride we ventured over to Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. Ever since I was really little I’ve had a terrible fear of bridges. My mama asked if I wanted to do the suspension bridge while we were in Vancouver or if I’d regret not going on it due to my fear… SO I told myself I was going to conquer my fear and just do it. The bridge was super wobbly but not nearly as scary as I thought it’d be. I’m so happy I did it though cause now maybe I won’t have anxiety attacks every time I have to drive over a bridge!




The park also had a “Tree Top Adventure” that had a series of bridges around the tops of trees. I even did that! (tootin’ my own horn)

I’ll be posting more details on our trip soon…. Thanks for reading!


  1. What a FUN blog! It reminded me of so many places I went when I was in Vancouver! LOVE that place AND Victoria, of course. The Sea Plane was my favorite!! The pictures in this blog are outstanding and I felt as though I was right there, (sure wish I had been with my beautiful daughter and granddaughter). I am happy you had such an incredible time and can’t wait for more details. LOVED IT AS ALWAYS!


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