Across the country move: From Utah to Florida!

As y’all know, we just made a cross country move from Utah to Florida. Jordan drove our Penske moving truck that was also towing my Hyundai and I drove his Trailblazer. Driving across the country is quite the task, however we got super lucky and our move went just about as smoothly as possible. I had Cooper in my car with me and he was a gem. Jord had Dixie with him; she wasn’t a huge fan of being in her carrier for 12 hours 4 days in a row… but she did great.

Jordan had the idea of getting walkie talkies so that we could communicate easier. When he told me he wanted to get some I laughed and told him it was a dumb idea because we have phones and we should just use those. He insisted so I obliged. WELL… let me just say it was the best idea, as much as I hate to admit I was wrong. For a lot of the drive we were in areas with little to no phone service so of course it was great for that. They were awesome if we wanted quick communcation as well. When jordan spotted antelope or I saw a really neat car or I needed to pull off at the next exit for a bathroom break at the upcoming exit, we were able to get a hold of each other immeadiatley instead of waiting for the phone to dial, ring and then for the other one to pick up. I guess the newest technology isn’t always the best.

I decided to give us walkie talkie names too hahahah which kept it entertaining. I called Jord Bumble ’cause he was in a yellow and black truck. I called myself Blazer ’cause I mean, that just sounds awesome. Here were a few of my favorite (and annoying) phrases:

“Blazer to Bumble do you copy?”

“Blazer headed for takeoff, Bumble start your engine.”

I liked to start each convo out with “Ahoy!” and end each one with “Over and out!”

Hahha when your have 2,350 miles to drive cheesy walkie talkie lines are veryyyyy entertaining. But in all honesty, if you’re planning a road trip and you’re following someone in a car I highly recommend getting walkie talkies.

We got ours at Target click here to see them!

Before we left, I also loaded us up on snacks and a cooler full of drinks. Stopping every few hours to gas up and wanting a drink and snack each time can get expensive so it was nice to buy in bulk and be prepared.

Because we were traveling with two animals we had a few other concerns. We made sure to let Coop out to run and use some energy every few hours. He has loads of it since he’s only a puppy and he needed that. We were told animals dehydrate easily on trips so we made sure to give them drinks every time we thought about it.

We didn’t have specific cities planned to stop and sleep however,  I did look at our route on a map to get a general idea of where I figured we would stop. With our truck’s max speed of 60 mph that made our travel time a whole lot different than I had originally planned. I called my momma a few hours before I knew we were going to wanna stop and she looked for pet friendly hotels for us while I was on the phone with her so we could get one booked before we arrived for the night.  We stayed in Denver, CO, Independence, MO, and Manchester, TN.

As we were driving through Kansas (which felt like it took up half of our trip) I called my dad and told him how we thought we’d be staying in the Kansas City area that evening. He told me how they’re known for their awesome BBQ and that we should look into it. After hearing that I had my heart set on it. We pulled up to our hotel in Independence which is right outside of Kansas City and there was a BBQ restaurant literally right next to our hotel. I was soooo stoked. Let me just tell y’all it was seriously so good. SO if you’re ever in Kansas City… get some BBQ! We ate at Bandana’s BBQ.

A side note: Sirius XM radio is a killer thing to have when you’re driving across the country. Jordan’s SUV has it so that helped keep me entertained.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about our adventure! Can’t wait to share house decor & renovation details with y’all soon!

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  1. Very good. I thought you might mention that it took some planning but you actually met up with your grandparents who were heading north on I 75 as  you were heading south. I think that was pretty cool because there were so many variables that went into it. I’m not upset or anything like that…..just thought it would have been kind of cute…..other than that….lol!….it was very nice. Love you Caitlyn and wish you all the best with the new house. it is going to be so awesome…you are indeed a blessed young woman. We will come down when we can but with working so much it might be a while….love you!


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