YAY for……. Wedding Makeup!

Because I am a makeup artist,  thinking about someone I didn’t know doing my makeup for the wedding made me slightly anxious. I know what tones work and don’t work with my skin and I knew the look I wanted for the day. SO for that reason I opted out on hiring someone and did it myself. Today I’m fixin’ to tell you my favorite products that I used on the big day!


Here is a quick selfie I snapped on my phone after doing my makeup that morning. I can still remember the butterflies from looking at that picture… hahah 

(PS got this shirt to get ready in at Victoria Secret so I wouldn’t mess my makeup and hair taking it off, I lovvvve it!)

I’m totally a MAC cosmetics eye shadow girl. Three years ago, I took a MAC makeup class and received a 15 color pallet and it has forever changed my makeup-loving life. 
For my shadows I used

MAC Blanc Type // for my whole lid and under my brows to highlight.

MAC Omega // for my blending color into my crease

MAC Woodwinked // my main crease color

MAC Brun // to add depth to my crease

These are all warm brown tones. They work great with my warm skin tone. I actually use MAC Brun whenever I run out of my eyebrow pencil to fill in my brows and it works wonders. I love the pigmentation that MAC shadows have. You get the color you expect and don’t have to pack it on.

Before I left Utah for Florida I had my lashes done. I didn’t know or trust anyone to do them in Florida so I had my friend Makenzie do a full set of Volume lashes. They were fabulous. I’m actually a lash tech myself but I had never had a full set of them before. They’re life-changing and I adored them.  I had them done on October 8th which was 2 1/2 weeks before the wedding and they still looked sooo full. Loved them. I did do a lashes no-no with the permission from Kenzie.. I wanted them to look as full as possible so on the wedding day I gave each lash a quick swipe of  Better Than Sex Mascara

by Too Faced just to make them pop even more. I love me some big lashes.



Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil // The name describes it all. Perfect.

(I use Cool Dark Brown)

Everyone tells you your wedding day is full of pictures. That’s a very true statement.  Most importantly, it is full of KISSING pictures! 
I started looking for the perfect lip stain in July because I knew I wanted something that had color all day, but wasn’t turning Jordan’s lips too pink hahah… he should appreciate that right? I knew a stain was the way to go.

Tarte LipSurgence Matte Lip Tint // (color) Warm Rose.

My stellar bridemaids kept it on hand and I reapplied it only a few times throughout the day because it really does last a while. In the tote bags that I had gotten them to carry around all day,  I gave them each a tub of Rosebud Salve.

It’s one of my personal favorites. Stains tend to dry out lips a little so I reapplied this a few times as well.


Blushing Bride is something you hear often right? So a good blush is important haha I love NARS blushes because of the long wear. I applied my blush only twice that day which was so nice.

NARS Blush // (color) Doce Vita

MAC Blush // (color) Gingerly

I swept a little bit of this to contour a little bit.


I prepped my face the morning of with my normal skincare routine see here.

I tested a few foundations out for the few months before with samples c/o Sephora. I wanted a foundation that was matte for pictures, with the longest wear possible, since it was a 15 hour day. These were what I decided made for the best options for my skin and needs.

Foundation: Make Up Forever HD Foundation // (color) Golden Honey

Highlight/ Concealer: NARS Concealer //(color) Pale Yellow

Powder: Make Up Forever HD Mircrofinish Powder

For my Birthday my best friend Mckenna got me the perfume Coach Poppy. I saved it to use on my wedding day.  Now every time I smell it, it reminds me of that day.

I hope y’all enjoyed reading and have a fabulous day!

Caitlyn McDonald

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  1. Great blog! I didn’t realize just HOW many different choices there were in the makeup department. Where were you when I was photographing all my models in Florida for their portfolios? Oh, that’s right. You weren’t born yet!!! lol! Sure could have used your expertise. I never even heard of a “lip stain.” Cool!


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