Sweet as Peach

Those summer weddings are coming before we know it! If you’re throwing a bridal shower in the near future I hope this post can give you a little inspiration.
One week before my wedding my momma and two of her friends threw me the most lovely southern “Georgia Peach” shower.  I was born in Georgia, so it was very fitting, of course. 
In the south, it’s not a party unless there is (VERY GOOD) food to accompany it. My favorite part of the evening was the food. I had been on a pretty strict meal and exercise plan for three months prior to the wedding. I was stoked to be able to indulge a little. It was totally worth it. We had pork sliders, black eye pea salad, corn casserole (my personal favorite) and my favorite pimento cheese and pumpernickel bread. For dessert we had peach cobbler and peach cupcakes that were almost too pretty to eat!



 Without giving away the theme, my momma told me to wear peach. That was all I knew about it! The whole shower was decked out in peach haha. It was a 
Georgia Girl’s dream.

IMG_0922 IMG_0923


The tables were set beautifully. I wish I could have dinner at them every night.


My mom got this cute banner off etsy.com. You’re able to personalize the color of the hearts!



The glass slipper, platter, and picture are from our engagement at Disney! My momma has this awesome bucket of cotton as a decoration in our house. She brought it to the shower, and even made me a bouquet of cotton and peach roses. If you’re throwing a shower sometime soon, see if you can get pictures of the bride as a child to decorate with. It made it so personal.


As a party favor they gave out peach hand sanitizers. I got to keep that awesome cutting board as a gift from my hostess. I just adore it. 
We played a few game, my favorite being one where I had to leave the room and everyone had to write down what they THOUGHT I was wearing (head to toe) and I had to pick the winner.
I’m going to include the recipe for the peach drink! I hope you enjoyed!


2 Liter Sprite
Large Can of Pineapple Juice 
2 Quart Bottle of White Grape Peach Juice
Stir them all together and enjoy!
ALSO… this is the pimento cheese I mentioned before.. It’s heaven in your mouth.


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