Tampa Theater Bridals!

Today marks four months since our wedding day. It’s so crazy to me that it’s already been that long!

I’ve decided to post about my bridal portraits.

A couple weeks before the wedding I was talking to my momma and decided I wanted to get some bridals taken. I didn’t want J to be in them though because I was dead set on him not seeing my dress in order to do a “first look” on the day of the wedding. We contacted my photographer Buffy and set up a session for the Monday before the wedding. I had to then decide on a location for us to shoot. I wanted something indoors with a classic feeling, totally opposite of the natural outdoor setting of our wedding. I mentioned The Tampa Theater to momma and she then contacted a friend of hers, Jill, who works there. Luckily for me, she was able to get us in on Monday to shoot while the theater was closed.





I looooove the romantic feeling it has. It’s such a beautiful building.




Funny fact about that day: Jordan had flown in the night before and we had to get our marriage license the day of my bridals. We’re in downtown Tampa and I’m in the theater shooting and J can’t come in cause he can’t see my dress, so he just starts walking around the city making friends with random homeless people hahah

He amazes me with his sweet and adventurous personality.

Hope y’all have a super Tuesday.

Caitlyn McDonald


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