For the love of shoes…..

Hello Lovelies! I hope you’re having a fabulous week. As some of you may know, I had ankle surgery last Tuesday which has kept me confined to my bed. I have to wear this lovely medical ankle boot for AT LEAST six weeks…ugh!  While laying here I’ve done plenty of “window” online shopping dreaming about when I will be able to wear shoes again. (first world problems hahah I know) So, if you’re looking for some new shoes for spring, you’re in luck because I’ve seen almost every pair there is to see, I’m pretty sure. Here are my favorites at a few different price ranges so there’s something for everyone!

The Everyday Flat 

D’orsay Flats//


Pointy flats. Those two words make me so happy. I am obsessed with pointy flats and I have been for a while. I have quite a few pairs and they’re my go-to shoes when I’m in a rush and want to look put together but be comfy at the same time. I even wore a pair for my wedding! I lovvvvve the way they elongate legs and the edginess they put on a feminine shoe. I believe the right flats can go with 90% of a girl’s wardrobe. I adore these first, because of the price and second, because I mean look at them. What’s not to love? They’ll match just about anything because of their mix of brown and black and I love the design.

The Running Shoe

Nike Internationalist //


A solid and comfy pair of running shoes is so important. I’m totally a Nike girl. I love the way they support my feet and the arch is always so perfect for me. Lately I’ve been loving black Nikes, but these have a little twist to them adding grey in the mix. I think when I have black running shoes they last me a bit longer because they don’t look as dirty as quickly as other colors. It’s always fun buying new workout shoes because it’s extra motivation to work out.

The Classic Nude Heels

Splendid Jayla Heels //


I looove to get a new pair of heels in the spring to wear for all the upcoming events. (Easter, Graduations, Weddings, etc.) Nude goes with everything… am I right? These beauties are the classic nude with the modern strappy look. I like that the heel doesn’t look drastically high. Four inches is a perfect height, in my opinion. These would look great with a pair of skinny jeans or any dress, honestly. You can’t go wrong with nude heels.

The Comfy Oxford

Born Devon Oxford //


For any of you ladies who have a job that involves being on your feet all day, these babies are perfect for that. Born is a great brand whose main goal is stylish comfort. I have a pair of low top boots made by Born and they literally got me through hair school. They are by far my comfiest boots and they’ve lasted forever. I love oxfords. My love for them began when I was a sophomore in high school and has never really stopped.

The Spring Rain Boots

Hunter Adjustable Back Boot (Matte Black) //


I’m a huge rain boot fan and I’m a huge Hunter’s fan. I have a pair of red Steve Madden rain boots that I’ve had for almost 5 years and they’re fixin’ to be retired. So naturally I’ve been looking to invest in a new pair. I’ve tried a few pairs of Hunter’s on and the ones with the adjustable back are my personal favorite style. I love all the bright colors Hunter has, but the ones that pull on my heart strings are the matte black. They will seriously match everything, and I just admire the matte look.

Preppy Strappy Flats (Yes, they’re pointy)

T-Strap Flats // (Kate Spade)


I just love these. That’s all there is to it. I discovered them last week while browsing through and I wanted to get them for myself as a get well present hahah BUT unfortunately they’re only available in sizes 8 and 8.5 sooo if you wear one of those sizes I’m jealous.

Casually Striped

Stripe Sneakers //


I think these are just the cutest. Y’all all know I loooove stripes and I just adore these. They’re perfect for everyday comfort but with some sass. The price is fabulous as well. Gap is having a sale right now too.. so if you use the promo code:HAPPY you get an additional 25% off which is a steal.

Loafer Lover

Cole Haan Sabrina Loafer //


I’m a loafer fan. I love the comfort. I love the style. I love that anyone at any age can pull them off. I mean, a baby wearing these loafers would look great in them as well as a woman rockin’ them well into her 90’s! I’m super into the marsala color right now and I just love the tassels on these. DSW is having a really good sale as well and they always do free shipping.

Birk Baby

Birkenstock Black Oiled Leather Arizona //


You either love them or hate them… and I’m lover. I just adore my Birks. They’re great for traveling and long distance walking as well as wearing with a cute maxi skirt on a spring date. They’re so versatile and I wear mine ALL THE TIME. I love the Arizona style; it’s my favorite.

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think!

Caitlyn McDonald


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