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Happy Valentine’s Day!

In honor of today, I thought another wedding post was ideal. I’ve been so stoked to share with y’all some of my favorite details from our wedding day. I’m way excited for this post. I’m such a visual person so when planning the wedding, I had a very detailed description drawn up in my head of what I wanted the floral arrangements to look like.

I wanted a floral wreath/headband more then anything for the wedding. That was actually one of the first things I decided on when planning. I wanted to wear it all day: for the temple, the farm ceremony and the reception. We ordered one for myself and for sister from our local florist, Bloomingdale Florist. We picked them up the morning before the wedding on our way to Orlando. We just kept them in our little hotel fridge and they still looked great the next morning!

 At the last minute, I decided I wanted a bouquet for pictures at the temple. I wasn’t going to have my bouquet from the florist there because all the florals were being dropped off around 4:30 pm at the farm. When I say last minute, I mean the night before! Right after the rehearsal dinner the bridesmaids and I ran over to Publix (Publix is a grocery store in Florida. Actually it’s not a grocery store.. it’s THE grocery store. Seriously best store ever. There is literally no competition. ) SO anyways we go to Publix and buy as much baby’s breath as we could find then we went back to the hotel room and wrapped it in twine and made it my temple bouquet! It actually worked out perfectly. I wanted something very simple for photos. I loved it.



I had my heart set on having the table centerpieces in wooden crates. I wanted them to be big and stand out. When you hear that you’re probably like oh cute, they have those everywhere right? No, wrong! We could not find the size, shape, color or style of crate that I wanted anywhere. We ordered a few and they were always too small. Sooo after having found a bunch of crates that didn’t work we finally ordered some from Michael’s that weren’t stained. I was nervous to see them because we just kept striking out, but when they arrived, they were the perfect shape and size. We took the DIY route with them and decided to stain them ourselves.


In August, I flew to Florida for a couple weeks to be there for my best friend Mckenna’s wedding, so that’s when we decided to start working on the crates. Momma and I went to Home Depot and picked out a stain called chestnut. We went home to get started on the 12 huge crates we had to finish…long story short, staining those babies took A LOT longer then we had anticipated. I only got about a third done with them by the time I had to leave to return to Utah. My awesome momma finished the rest by the time I came back in October for the wedding, for which I owe her forever. Sitting in the hot Florida sun in August staining crates isn’t the most fun thing we’ve ever done. They turned out beautiful though, so it was well worth it.

Lifelongstudios1047 Lifelongstudios1039

Like I said earlier I am super visual. Bless the florist’s heart who worked with me because I had exactly what I wanted picked out in my mind, and she did an excellent job creating it. We worked with Lisa at Bonita Flower Shop in Dade City, Florida. Sunflowers have been my favorite flowers since I was really young. My love for them grew after I read the book “The Sunflower” By Richard Paul Evans, when I was a sophomore in high school. Naturally I wanted sunflowers at the wedding however, I didn’t want it to be covered in them. I didn’t have a picture to show her because there weren’t any of exactly what I wanted, so I sketched it out and tried to verbalize it as best as I could. I love the wildflower look and wanted to create that with sunflowers in the mix. I wanted to work southern and bohemian together and that was exactly what she provided for me.


I didn’t really want an aisle runner but I wanted it to look like we had an aisle.  I’m such a fan of baby’s breath so we decided to line both sides with buckets of it!  Momma got 10 galvanized metal buckets months before the wedding. They were super shiny and new looking and I wanted them to look a little more weathered so we literally left them out in the front garden of our house all summer long to let Florida’s rainy season naturally weather them. Haha it worked perfectly and they looked awesome. We brought them to Lisa, along with the crates, in October and she filled them full of baby’s breath to line the aisle.


Momma had the cutest idea of bringing this table from our house and getting antique bottles and placing the individual sunflowers in it for some decoration near the ceremony.



I wanted my bouquet to be tied in with the overall look of the centerpieces and it did. It was gorgeous and surprisingly heavy! haha



I didn’t necessarily designate certain colors for the wedding, so all my color was in the flowers. I wanted a neutral color scheme for my bridal party so that the flowers would stick out. Let me tell you… it worked. They turned out stunning. I wanted my two bridesmaids to have matching bouquets and my matrons of honor to have matching bouquets. The bridesmaids were made of baby’s breath and daisies to compliment mine, and the matrons of honor’s were the same, but with added sunflowers. They looked great with their dresses. I was so happy with them.


Lifelongstudios0622 Lifelongstudios0619


I opted out on doing corsages for the mothers and boutonnieres for J and the groomsmen. I’m not a huge fan of them so I just decided not to keep that tradition! I love that now days it’s okay to pass on doing something like that if you’re not interested in it.

One tradition I was dead set on keeping was the “Something” tradition.

My “something old” was my engagement ring. Fun Fact: My ring was my momma’s ring from when she was a teenager. My pappy (her dad) got it for her at an antique shop. I always loved it growing up. Before Jordan had proposed I told my mom to let him know I wanted something similar to it. I loved the style but I wanted to be surprised by what he picked out, so I told her so he would have an idea of what I liked. Well, I wanted to be surprised… and I sure was. My sweet momma gave it to him without me knowing and he popped the question with it. It’s such a unique ring so I knew right when I saw it that it was formerly my mom’s. Now I wear it everyday and it’s taken on a whole new meaning! My “something new” was my shoes. I borrowed one of my momma’s old hankies and kept it in my bouquet for if and when I cried for my “something borrowed.” My “something blue” was my pretty little garter that I ordered on etsy.

Lifelongstudios0388 Lifelongstudios1155

To complete that southern look, I had high hopes of having farmwood tables with wooden chairs. My venue didn’t offer either of those but they gave me the option to find a vendor and rent from them separately. I ended up finding the perfect tables from RW Events. They have so many beautiful rental pieces. They actually make the tables that we rented so they aren’t limited to a certain number they have available, which is so cool. We also rented our sweetheart table from them. While I was on the online hunt for tables my momma was looking for chairs and flatware. She ended up getting our chairs, flatware and napkins from Premier Party Rentals. They all looked so great together.


Hope y’all have had a Valentine’s Day full of love!

Caitlyn McDonald


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