Manly Valentine’s

Shopping for your dude can be a pretty big task, which is why today I’m talking Valentine’s gifts. Seems like I was just thinking about what to get Jordan for Christmas and now it’s already almost Valentine’s. So today I’m giving y’all some ideas on Valentine’s gifts for your favorite guy.

The Hardworking Man


 Jordan currently can’t wear his wedding band while working because of safety reasons. I know a few women whose husbands cant wear their rings in their work field either. A friend of mine told me about these rings. They’re so awesome. They’re silicone but they’re made to look real. A profit from every purchase is donated to the troops as well, which is so cool.

The Sweets Man


Okay, honestly who can turn down a caramel apple? Jordan’s place for sweets is Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. They have so many choices and it’s almost impossible to walk out of that store without a caramel apple.

The Business Man


Alright, I’ll admit it. I love briefcases. I honestly can’t wait until the day when Jordan needs one cause I’m telling you, I adore them. I love the color of the leather this one is made of and it’s got lots of pockets and compartments which makes it practical.

 The Studious Man


I looove these backpacks. A teeeny tiny little part of me wishes I was still a student just so I would have an excuse to buy myself one. The great part about them is they’re unisex so you can borrow your mans backpack after you get it for him hahah. These are awesome though because he can use it for school and fit a laptop, books, binders etc. OR he can use it for a weekend retreat or carryon bag.

The Well Dressed Man


I’m a huge bow tie lover. I think they add so much class to a man’s wardrobe. I love the print on this one plus it’s at a really great price!

The Gamer Man


If your dude is a gamer, or even likes to play now and then, I know this game is super popular right now.

 To Splurge On Your Man


This is one good looking watch. If I didn’t JUST get J a watch for the wedding this is what I’d get him. It’s soooo classy looking yet it’s still super modern I love it. It’s worth the splurge.

For “Man’s Best Friend”


You can’t forget about your man’s best friend on Valentine’s. I’ve been thinking I wanna get Coop a new collar when he’s full grown and came across these on etsy. I loooove them and I love that you can personalize them.