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Just another post on the wedding!

Today I’m posting details on a few of the vendors I chose for the wedding. When I began planning, I started to think about what exactly I wanted our theme to be. I kinda decided on a mixture of themes. I loved the southern rustic look but with a twist of bohemian. With that, the planning began.

To me, two of the most important vendors to choose were the videographer and photographer. After the day is done, and as years go by, your pictures and video are your memories that you have to relive from your day. I wanted them to be top notch and for them to be able to capture my vision and style of the day.


I decided to go with Lifelong Studios for all my photography needs. I did engagements, bridals and our wedding day pictures with them. Buffy was our photographer and we loved her. She did a fabulous job. For our videographer/cinematographer we went with Trinity Wedding Cinema. You can view our sneak peak wedding video here.

Once I decided on our wedding theme choosing a venue was next. I was dead set on having and outdoor ceremony and reception. I had always loved The Lange Farm. I was in Utah when we were deciding on the venue, so my momma went to the farm and sent me lots of pretty pictures so it felt like I was there. We worked with Lesa Summerall and she was great. She answered all of our questions and made it easier for us to pick the rest of our vendors once she knew our theme. The next step was picking the date. There were no Saturday evenings available for the tree that I wanted for the ceremony so we went with a Friday. I picked 10-24-14 because I adored how the numbers looked, they were all even, and 10+14=24. So I thought it was perfect. Hahah slightly OCD of me, I know. I immediately asked J to make sure that date was okay for his family, contacted my bridesmaids to make sure they could take a few days off of school for the big day and then all the plans began!


Food is one of my passions. Jordan often refers to me as a huge foodie. Having a delicious dinner at our wedding was super important to me. I loved the idea of having a southern BBQ. It’s comfortable, yummy, and theres something for even the pickiest eaters to enjoy.  It’s not “typical wedding food” and I wanted our guests to enjoy and remember our day.

I was visiting Florida in May with J because one of my best friends and my MOH Michaela was getting married, so we decided to kill two birds with one stone and get a lot of our planning done then as well. We set up a catering tasting with Hungry Harry’s and that was that. The food was unreal! There were soooo many options that choosing what we would have on our wedding day was surprisingly hard. After a lot of thought and tasting, we decided on BBQ Chicken, baby back ribs, green beans, mac n cheese, baked beans, a mashed potato bar, and corn muffins. The food was a big hit on the day of and I’m sitting here now typing this with my mouth watering just thinking of it.


My mom found this cool old window at an antique store which was perfect for displaying our menu.

Choosing my cake was also not very easy. I knew exactly what I wanted it to look like. I knew I wanted it big. I knew I wanted it yummy. However, choosing what flavors to have and who to make it wasn’t as easy. After months of searching and tasting I decided on a 4 tier lace and pearl cake made by Jessica at Olive Parties. I definitely would recommend her. The cake was beautiful and tasted soooo good. We froze and kept the top tier for tradition. It was a raspberry champagne cake with fresh raspberries as the filling. We also had that for the third tier so our guests could have it, because it’s seriously devine. The second layer was hummingbird cake with cream cheese filling. If you’ve never had hummingbird cake… then put that on your bucket list because it’s heaven in your mouth. Our fourth and largest tier was a chocolate gnache cake. My momma and I had stressed about getting cake boxes for guests to bring cake home with them, because everyone had warned us how wedding cake never gets fully eaten. To our surprise pretty much the whole cake had been eaten. I’m telling ya! It was that good.




I got this cake topper from which I thought added a little bit of charm to the elegant cake.

I decided I wanted to surprise J with a grooms cake, which is sort of a southern tradition. Jordan’s a great golfer so it was only fitting to have a golf course made out of cupcakes. He loved it, and Jessica did a great job on it.



Tomorrow I’ll be posting about some of our other vendors, my bridal pictures and how I picked the flower arrangements so stay tuned and don’t forget to follow/subscribe!

Caitlyn McDonald