Welcome & Wedding

Hey to all you lovely readers, thanks for stopping by! I’ve decided it would be pretty fun to blog about my favorite things, and to kick it off I’ll start with my wedding. It was certainly my favorite day ever. I have to admit, I was one of those crazy brides who spent 11 months of dedicated wedding planning.. pretty much everyday, but it ended up being totally worth it.

To start, J and I were married October 24, 2014 in the Orlando LDS Temple in the morning, followed by another beautiful wedding ceremony and reception at The Lange Farm in Dade City, Florida. The weather magically turned out in our favor. It was a perfect 70 degrees for the majority of the day. (I was prayin’ for no rain.)


 My sweet momma couldn’t have been any better during the hectic planning. For example… I had my heart set on having mixed matched vintage china and antique trinkets set around the centerpieces, and since I was living in Utah, I wasn’t able to do the thrifting so my momma took over. She hunted for these babies from May thru September. It turned out better than I had even hoped, and she found some new favorite antique shops which is always a good thing. Here are a few of my favorites finds




Nordstrom was pretty much my go to store for most things wedding wardrobe related. My pretty momma and sweet sister’s dresses and shoes were from there…. As well as my earrings, shoes, leaving dress, and my bridesmaids dresses.. I swear once I had decided on grey dresses for them I saw every single grey dress the internet had to offer.. and this one by far was my favorite.  My favorite part was that we were able to be picky and not have to worry about returning or exchanging because of their killer return policy. It took a lot of stress off both of us.. and momma ordered about twelve dresses until she decided on her two dresses.



(sister looooved her dress and shoes)



My dad and Jordan’s ties came from Nordstrom Rack and they looked absolutely beautiful for pictures. I got the groomsmen the cutest socks from there… Patterned socks are my favorite.


As a wedding gift for Jord I got him a gold Nixon watch from Nordstrom to match his new ring. He absolutely adores it and whenever he wears it its a reminder of our perfect day. On a side note it looks great with EVERYTHING.


I’ll be posting more details about the wedding in the near future…So make sure y’all come back to check it out. Ya hear?

Caitlyn McDonald